Somona flowers image Somona foliage image


Common Name

Euphorbia Somona, Crown of Thorns

Botanical Name

Euphorbia milli


Modern varieties are bred from plants originating in Madagascar

Season Availability

Most of the year except in winter


Somona is a succulent with thick dark green fleshy leaves and a brown stem with soft thorns. The flowers are quite insignificant but are surrounded by showy coloured bracts. Like other members of the Euphorbia family the plant produces a white latex sap when leaves, flowers or stems are damaged. To avoid irritation of the skin wear gloves when handling and wash skin immediately


The decorative bracts come in shades of
pink and red

Growing Conditions

Somona is best displayed in a well-lit position indoors or on a sheltered patio. It will remain decorative for many weeks.

Care Instructions

Water plants once a week but ensure soil dries
out slightly between watering. Feed with a soluble fertiliser twice a month to ensure continuous flowering