Poinsettia Plant Poinsettia Flower Poinsettia Foliage


Common Name


Botanical Name

Euphorbia pulcherrima


Modern varieties are bred from species originating from Mexico and Central America.

Season Availability

Mostly Christmas. Pink poinsettias may be available at other times.  


Small shrub with dark green arrow-shaped leaves and brightly colour leafy bracts. Red poinsettia has been associated with Christmas for centuries.


Bright red, Pink, Cream and Pink and White and Red and White bi-colours.

Growing Conditions

Poinsettia is best displayed in a well-lit position indoors or on a sheltered patio. It will remain decorative for up to 6 weeks.

Care Instructions

Water plants once a week but ensure soil dries out slightly between watering. After coloured bracts fade, replant in a larger pot and place outdoors.