Phalaenopsis Plant Phalaenopsis Flower Phalaenopsis Foliage

Phalaenopsis Orchid

Common Name

Phalaenopsis, Moth Orchid

Botanical Name

Phalaenopsis spp.


Phalaenopsis originate from tropical areas from Himalayas to the Philippines. Modern varieties have been bred from wild species.

Season Availability

All year round


Orchids with thick fleshy leaves and a long arching flower stem bearing several moth-shaped flowers.


White, Pink, Purple, Yellow and bi-colours

Growing Conditions

Phalaenopsis prefer a well-lit position in a warm place away from draughts. Keep away from fruit bowls as this may shorten the life of the flowers.

Care Instructions

Water the growing medium thoroughly once a fortnight. Flowers will last more than 2 months. After flowering cut the stem back to a node. A new flowering stem may grow.