Kale Plant ImageKale Foliage Image


Common Name

Ornamental Kale

Botanical Name

Brassica oleracea


Kale is a member of the Cabbage family and has its origins in the Mediterranean.

Season Availability

Ornamental kale requires cold weather to develop the intense leaf colouration and therefore is available during winter and early spring.  


 Kale is a form of cabbage in which the leaves do not form a tight head. Some varieties are edible, some have long stems for use in floral arrangements and potted varieties are short and squat.


Varieties vary in their colour pattern in shades of cream, pink, purple and green. Leaves can be slightly curled  into a cup shape or heavily ruffled.

Growing Conditions

Kale is a plant which requires high levels of light. It is best displayed near a window or on a patio table.

Care Instructions

Kale requires a watering twice a week to prevent the roots from drying out.  Allow the plant to drain well after watering. Kale is an annual so discard when the leaves fade.