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Common Name


Botanical Name

Lavendula spp.


Modern varieties of Lavenders are bred from many different wild species growing across the Mediterranean, Northern Africa, Southern Europe through to India.

Season Availability

Lavender is available during winter and spring when the plant is in flower.


Lavender is a short-lived perennial plant that flowers through winter and spring. The flowers have a beautiful fragrance when crushed and are commercially grown for the production of Lavender oil. Lavender makes a good specimen plant or a formal hedge.


Avonview is a hardy variety of Spanish Lavender that flowers for many months during winter and spring.

Growing Conditions

Lavender requires a well-drained soil in a sunny position in the garden or will grow well in a potting mix in a tub larger than 20cm. It is quite tolerant of dry conditions but it will not thrive in wet summer conditions.

Care Instructions

Lavender originates from areas experiencing a moist winter and spring and hot dry summers so try to match these conditions. After flowering, give the plants a light pruning to remove old flowers and encourage fresh growth.